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PC Summer Courses

Please check Cyberfriar for updates on registration. Some courses are now CLOSED!
We are all adjusting to living and learning differently.  Thank you for your continued patience as we roll out our plan for summer school course approval and registration.  The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies is responsible to provide academic guidance by approving your summer course selection(s).  The School of Continuing Education will manage registration and payment for summer course work.  This process will take place via email, so please take the time to read the process outlined below.

 Things to know and steps to take:

  • Summer course work is for make-up or enrichment purposes only, not to advance your academic status/graduate early.  Registration opens on 3/25/20 – there is no online Cyberfriar registration. The process will occur via email.
  • Your first step is to consult your Cyberfriar Audit Evaluation to determine your unfulfilled degree requirements.  You may consult your academic advisor or your class dean for assistance – class dean contact information is available at
  • Your next step is to view the Approved Course List below.  This list contains the courses approved for day school students, and how they will be applied to your program of study (major/minor, core, free elective credit, etc.). Day school students will NOT be permitted to register for SCE courses that do not appear on the Approved Course List.
  • Once you find a course or courses that you are interested in taking, you will send an email request to

    In the email subject, please write: summer course approval with your class year (Example: Summer Course Approval – Class of 2021).

    In the body of the email state the specific course or courses that you intend to take and the requirement(s) you hope to satisfy: free elective, major, or core requirement.  For Example:  I would like approval to take MSC 210 to meet my fine arts requirement, or I would like to take ACC 203 for my business innovation minor.  In addition to your email, you will complete and attach the Summer Registration Form (link below).  Your class dean will reply and forward your approval and registration form directly to the SCE.  You will work with the SCE staff on registration and payment.

    All registrations are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost per 3-credit course is $1125 and payment is required at the time of registration. Lab courses have additional fees as well.
  • When these courses are completed, the credits and grades will automatically be transferred onto your day school transcript.

Summer SCE Course Approval/Registration Form

Revised Summer 2020 Approved Course List
Please check Cyberfriar for updates on registration. Some courses are now CLOSED!

For MAC users, please use the MS Word Version below.
Word Version of Summer SCE Course Approval/Registration Form