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Undergraduate Students

General Degree Requirements

All students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the bachelor’s degree:

  • A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the degree. In order to complete a minimum of 120 credits to earn a bachelor’s degree in eight semesters, students generally will need to take five 3-credit courses during seven of their eight semesters.
  • Minimum 2.00 (4.00 scale) cumulative and major grade point averages.*
    *Some majors/programs may have higher credit-hour and/or GPA requirements.
  • Normally, unless otherwise stipulated, or with permission of the department chair or program director, students may not begin their senior year in any major in which they have not achieved a 2.0 cumulative average in their major subject(s).
  • Students are responsible for meeting the graduation requirements of their major curriculum. Modification of any departmental rule can be made only with written approval of the chair of the department or program director in consultation with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.
  • At least half of the courses/credits required for the major, minor, or certificate program must be successfully completed at Providence College or through an officially affiliated program. Some academic programs may require more than half of their requirements to be completed at Providence College.
  • Undergraduate students must spend at least eight semesters in full-time attendance, unless the period is reduced by advanced standing credit from another institution as reviewed and approved by the dean of undergraduate and graduate studies. The College reserves the right to allow graduation at the completion of seven semesters following the successful petition by students to the Committee on Academic Status. Appeals of the decisions of the Committee on Academic Status should be presented to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, whose decisions will be final.
  • In order to be considered students in full-time attendance, students must attempt a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. All students must spend their junior and senior years in full-time attendance at the College in order to graduate.