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Senior Class

Seniors, please use this general tip sheet to navigate senior year academic planning.  It contains useful links and details about general degree/graduation requirements.  It is recommended that you bring this resource to your meetings with your academic advisor and/or class dean to address any specific questions or concerns that you have about your degree status.

Senior Class Advising Guidelines

Graduation Honors

Cum Laude:  3.550 – 3.699
Magna Cum Laude:  3.700 – 3.849
Summa Cum Laude:  3.850 – 4.000

The cumulative grade point average is arrived at by dividing the total number of quality grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. Graduation honors are computed on the student’s eight (8) semesters. However, all honors read at the Academic Awards Ceremony and published in the graduation programs will be based solely on computations through the fall semester prior to the ceremony. All additions to or deletions from the Graduation Honors List will be made following submission of eighth-semester grades.  If a student did not achieve a particular honors designation by the end of the fall/winter semester, there is an Honors Petition Process.  Eligible students will be contacted by the Dean’s Office in late March regarding the petition process.

Transfer students will constitute a special category with regard to honors at graduation. Their designation for honors will be based upon work completed at Providence College.  Graduation honors for students in 3-2 programs and others will be based on the six (6) semesters of work completed at Providence College.