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The Degree Audit

Student Responsibility.

Beginning with your first semester, you should familiarize yourself with the degree audit, as all of your graduation requirements are listed on it. At least once each semester, you should refer to it for program planning purposes to review your course options, course sequencing, and academic progress. You are ultimately responsible for meeting all of your graduation requirements.

What is a degree audit?
The degree audit is an unofficial academic evaluation that outlines your program requirements and matches your courses against them so that you can track your academic progress toward your degree completion.

How can I access my degree audit?
All admitted and current undergraduate students have access to their degree audit online through CyberFriar.

Who has access to my degree audit?
Your faculty advisor and class dean use your degree audit for advising purposes and to assist you each semester in your course selection. Ultimately, your degree audit is used for graduation clearance. Department Chairs/Program Directors also have access to all the degree audits of students who are in their majors, minors, or certificate programs.

What features are available in CyberFriar?
View previous evaluations: Any degree audits generated either by you or an individual who has access rights may be viewed. Degree audit results are valid for the date and time that they were generated. You may only delete ones that you submitted. Degree audits are regularly purged from the system.

Generate a new evaluation:You may generate a degree audit for your declared program.
Please note: If you are a newly declared double major or an approved individualized major, your degree audit is customized for you. You will not be able to generate a degree audit with your new program until it has been built.

Perform a “What-if” Scenario.
“What-if” audits provide students and advisors with a preliminary assessment of how individual coursework may fit into a potential new major and/or up to two minors. These audits should be considered unofficial; used as a tool to facilitate the selection of a major or minor program and not to replace consultation with faculty advisors and/or the chairs/directors of the respective programs. Currently CyberFriar does not allow for double major “what-if” scenarios. Students interested in double majors should consult with the chairs/directors of the respective programs or the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies for assistance.

Requesting an Adjustment.
You may request an adjustment to your degree audit by emailing Please indicate your name, Banner ID, and the adjustment you are requesting. Please note that requests for adjustments to major or minor requirements must come directly from the department chair or program director.

Requesting Batch Degree Audits (Academic departments only):
Each semester prior to registration, faculty advisors receive the degree audit for all of their advisees. Departments receive the degree audit for all incoming seniors in their major(s) in the summer and, again, in January. Any department that would like a batch of degree audits for students in their major(s) and/or minors may make a request by emailing: Please indicate the major(s) and/or minor(s) and the class year(s).