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Undergraduate Students


Providence College’s Academic Approach

Our curriculum recognizes the compatibility of faith and reason in our pursuit of truth. We challenge our students to approach their education in the liberal arts by engaging in a rigorous course of study within a major that is integrated with our strong core curriculum. We will assist them to hone their proficiencies in writing and oral presentations, to grow in awareness of our civic engagement responsibilities within our increasingly diverse culture, to apply their growing knowledge through research and internship opportunities, and to embrace the Dominican understanding of learning: that it is undertaken as a good in itself as well as for the sake of being a benefit to others.

Students should come to the Dean’s Office to seek guidance in their academic endeavor: to explore or change a major, to utilize the College’s “Cross Enrollment” or “Language Consortium” opportunities at other colleges, to inquire about their progress toward graduation or to review their degree audit, when considering taking a summer or winter session course, to withdraw from a course or to take a course on a “Pass/Fail” basis, to discuss merit-based scholarship standards, to create an individualized major, or if they have questions about core requirements or any other academic matter.

Faculty should contact our office if they have questions about College policies, to verify their course rosters, to express concerns about a student’s performance or absences, to change a student’s grade after submission of final grades or after submitting a grade of “Incomplete,” to propose a new course, to report instances of student misconduct or violations of academic integrity.