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Graduation Information for Graduate Students

December 2017 & May 2018 Graduation

Download Application to Graduate

Degrees are conferred in December and May for all graduate programs. It is your responsibility to anticipate the completion of your degree and to make a timely submission of “Application to Graduate” during your final semester of study. If your program of study requires a thesis or comprehensive exam, it is recommended that you consult with your program director regarding the timing of graduation. For most degree candidates, it is recommended that this application be submitted in your last semester of course-work. For candidates completing their studies over the summer session, it is recommended that you apply for the May graduation prior to the summer session.

Please submit this form to your program director or to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies by the deadline specified below. The form must be accompanied by an administrative graduation fee of $210.00. Given that the College hosts one Commencement Ceremony annually, December graduates are encouraged to participate in the May Commencement of the following calendar year. The Office of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies, in consultation with the graduate program directors, determines whether a candidate has met all degree requirements for the awarding of the appropriate degree.

Administrative Graduation Fee: $210.00 (required of all candidates)

MBA Candidates: If you previously paid the MBA enrollment fee of $210.00, your graduation fee is paid in full.


Graduation Class: December 2017
Application Deadline: Friday,  October 20, 2017
Commencement: May 20, 2018

Graduation Class: May 2018
Application Deadline: Friday,  February 16, 2018
Commencement: May 20, 2018