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Ascend Leadership Program

The Ascend Leadership Program (ALP) is mandatory for students who have been offered a multicultural scholarship at Providence College, but it is open to all multicultural and first-generation students. The program seeks to build upon the skillset that students of color and first-generation students arrive with and develop their leadership as they define it. The program accomplishes this goal by providing structure to the hundreds of opportunities available at Providence College.

ALP students have added value to their degrees by taking advantage of opportunities to build skills in all areas of development — focusing skills on a specialty area that they are passionate about. Students successfully complete the program by embracing four essential stages of leadership development and engaged learning spread throughout the undergraduate experience.


The best way to get involved at Providence College is to jump right in! From raising your hand during Development of Western Civilization classes to signing up for intramural sports, plunging in is the best way to get involved (especially for first-year students).


Students are expected to participate at Providence College and to share their God-given talents with other students throughout their undergraduate experience. We recognize that every student arrives on our campus with different skills, preparation, passions, and interests. Some of our students serve as class presidents, thrive in community service, and serve as mentors, while other students choose to show their engagement as committee members or focused their efforts on academic excellence. The gifts our students arrive with are the reason they were accepted into Providence College, and the program is built to provide structure for sharing those gifts with our entire student body.


Going to college is not just about pursuing the skills and opportunities that you are familiar with — it’s about testing the limits of what you know, jumping outside of your comfort zone, and exploring opportunities that you never thought you had access to. Expanding your horizons is about learning outside of your borders — physical and perceived, personal and public.


All students have showcased leadership at some point in their life; from assuming an office in your student government, working hard on a committee, or standing up for another student being bullied. Being a leader means serving as a role model for others, working collaboratively, making decisions, and taking on responsibilities to help the campus and outside community.